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The Swap List provides info on where to find the recommended products/ingredients/utensils. For those based in Clapham, you can find most of the products on Northcote Road/Lavender Hill/Battersea Rise, from shops like the Source, Holland & Barrett, The BodyShop, chemists, Wholefood. What you can’t find locally, you can find online. Below is a list of online shops that promote green or bulk options for home delivery.

Local shops

  • the Source, bulk shop, Battersea Rise. Also available for click and collect and home delivery. for ingredients (clay, argan oil, olive oil, spirulina, …), solid deodorant, solid soap, refillable soap/shampoo/conditioner

  • Holland & Barrett, St John’s Road. Also available for click and collect and home delivery. for solid shampoo bars, soaps, toothbrush,... Can be delivered in the Northcote shop

  • The BodyShop, St John’s Road.

  • Wholefood, Lavender Hill

  • Chemists


  • The Good Club: growing range of bulk, refillable, sustainable products, for personal care, household, and food.

  • And Keep,  Plastic Freedom, Ethical Superstore, the Kind Store readymade products, for the bathroom, house, pets, clothing, cleaning, camping, etc.

  • Caraa mostly readymade products, beauty but expanding their range to include food and other items. can filter products based on what value you are after (plastic free, vegan, made in UK, …)

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