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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Avoid disposable cookware Paper plates, styrofoam cups, wax paper, and aluminum foil… These are all useful to reduce the amount of cleanup you have, but heavily impact your waste and the environment.

Find durable cookware

Find durable cookware. Cristel is a French brand with many durable options, and smart storing solutions. This website here offers a selection of cookware with lifetime guarantees (untested – tell us what you think).

Napkins and paper towels Replace these with reusable cotton napkins and cloth rags (especially helpful when you’re pondering about what to do with old clothes, or linen sheets).

Cling wrap and aluminium foil Though plastic wrap and aluminum foil can help us reduce our environmental impact by keeping food fresh longer and cutting down on food waste, both have major negative consequences on environment. Neither is regularly recycled and both require fossil fuels to produce. Swap for:

  • Glass or plastic reusable containers

  • An environmentally-friendly alternative to cling wrap like Bee’s Wrap — a reusable wax-coated cloth that can be used just like plastic film.

  • If You Care Compostable parchment paper. Available at Wholefood and the Good Club.

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