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Toilet and Drain Cleaners

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Toilet Cleaner

  • For regular cleaning (bi-weekly), use the toilet cleaner available in bulk at the Source.

  • Once a month or more frequently if the bowl is getting stained, sprinkle 125 gr of citric acid over the toilet bowl. Let it sit overnight. Scrub in the morning.

Drain Cleaner

Don’t wait for the drains to be blocked. Pour hot water regularly in your kitchen sink to dissolve soap and grease, and once in a while - usually once a year is enough, during winter, do a big clean:

  • Pour 2l of hot water down the sink

  • Close your sink

  • Fill it with 10l of hot water

  • Dissolve half a cup of crystal sodas (or baking soda if that is the only thing you have) in this hot water

  • Then open the sink and let the soda water drop slowly down your drain.

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