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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Toilet paper

Be conscious about the number of sheets you use. Try to reduce and educate the rest of your household, especially the children!

Switch to recycled toilet paper or bamboo paper. There are many aspects to take into account when choosing your toilet paper: material, packaging, chlorine free, … Our selection of options:

  • Ecoleaf (made from recycled paper, plastic free, chlorine free, made in EU/UK, not individually wrapped – available at Wholefood);

  • Who Gives a Crap (similar, but bulk delivery – which is good, but made in China and individually wrapped – which is not as good)

More info on various options available in the UK - Check with Moral Fibres.

Toilet brush

Once your current toilet brush gets a little nasty, use a biodegradable toilet brush, with a wooden handle and plant fibre bristles.

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