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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Organising your bins helps dealing with the waste. It is always better to sort things out as you dispose of them, rather than having to sort the content of your bins…

The easiest is often to have five bins:


Household waste

Household waste - what we are aiming to reduce


Council recycling

Council recycling. You might need several bins, depending on how your council is collecting recyclable items – for instance one for the glass, and one for other items.

Check what can be go in the council recycling bag, as every borough has its own rules,


Hard-to-recycle items

Things that can be recycled but can’t go in the weekly council recycling bag; pile them up, and once in a while, go on a recycling trip to empty the bin in the various collection points near you


Food waste

Food waste if you have access to a composting facility (more on compost in the food section)



A jar for used cooking oil under the sink.

The best solution is to have all bins in the kitchen, with no bins elsewhere.

If you do need bins in bedrooms, offices, or bathrooms, go bin-liner free, and empty them in the main bin once a week. If a bag seems necessary, try using newspaper instead.

Make sure you educate your family / housemates so that they know what goes where, understand why it is necessary, and help with the recycling trips!

NB: While we are on the bins, from now on, keep nice looking and useful containers. Rather than throwing away glass jars, including from beauty products, and spray bottles, clean and keep them, as we will need these containers when working on our food, cleaning and beauty waste.

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Download the recycling facilities nearby:

Recycling facilities
Download PDF • 813KB

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