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Occupy less online space

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Cloud might not be visible but it is a big energy consumer. Keeping and transferring the data that your photos, documents, emails generate requires huge data warehouse and networks. So only use the Cloud when you need it.

Storing photos, documents on the Cloud

  • Delete what you do not need (yes, you should go through all these photos and only keep a selection!) and

  • Consider move items to an external hard drive.

Sending emails

  • Avoid sending unnecessary emails (sending emails have a higher impact than storing an email);

  • Limit “reply all” and automatic “copy” of the whole team/family;

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read;

  • Swap attachments for links;

  • Avoid signature with logos or pictures.

Storing emails

  • Use an email software (e.g. Outlook) and download your emails, rather than consulting your inbox in a browser;

  • Empty your mailbox regularly (stored emails use energy for the server to run so keep only what you need – and don’t forget to empty the “sent” folder too).

Internet browsing

Each search query emits around 1.45 grams of CO2. If we use a search engine to make around 50 search queries per day, this produces a huge 26 kilograms of CO2 per year

  • Close windows you don’t use;

  • Go directly to the website rather than using a search engine and bookmark websites you visit regularly;

  • Switch to more eco positive engine system such as Ecosia.

Social media

  • Switch off automatic cloud backups and downloads for app updates.

  • Leave and delete the Whatsapp groups you don’t need anymore.

Choose an eco-conscious Cloud – that uses greener energy.

At least let your provider know that you care about the energy for their data warehouse and networks.

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