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Mouth and Teeth

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

There are an increasing number of eco-friendlier products, and an increasing number of dentists who care about this issue. Do ask them for tips when you next visit them. In this blog post, you'll find options for mouthwash, toothpaste and brushes - but the best is to also keep an eye on novelties in shops, and to ask your dentist.


Homemade option

  • You need: 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp salt, water, for each wash

  • How to make: Take a glass of warm water and add the apple cider vinegar and salt. Mix ingredients.

  • How to use: Rinse your mouth with the resulting solution after brushing your teeth

Toothbrush and floss
  • Once your current plastic toothbrush gets old, switch to bamboo alternatives. Georganics are on the expensive side, but last as long as plastic alternatives.

  • You will find bamboo brushes (Truthbrush) and vegan floss with refillable container (BrushD) on the Kind Store . Untested - so tell us what you think in the comments.


Homemade option

  • You need: ¼ cup bentonite clay + 1tbsp baking soda, helps remove stains, contains minerals, alkaline

    • Optional: you can customize the powder to your taste, with for instance 1 tbsp ground cinnamon and/or cloves (both antibacterial), and/or 8 drops of essential oil (mint, tea tree, lemon, or sweet orange – mint will also sooth the gum).

    • Optional: add 2 tbsp calcium powder, to provide extra minerals and whiten

    • Optional: add liquid coconut oil to turn it into a paste.

  • How to make: Mix all ingredients and store in a small jar, with a lid.

  • How to use: wet your toothbrush and dip in the tooth powder.

Store options

  • Glass jars with Ben&Anna (variety of options, including with or without fluoride, available at H&B); Georganics (peppermint; charcoal – and other options; available at the Source).

  • If you don’t want to dip your brush into the paste/powder, use Toothpaste tablets (online or at the Source)

  • If you prefer to stick to the tube, try Boca, a refillable toothpaste tube! Or Happier, that comes in an old-school aluminium tube, which can be recycled in with your metal recycling.

On fluorine, read Georganic statement and talk to your dentist.

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