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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We should not rely on recycling to solve our waste issue, but recycling what we can't avoid to buy is still critical.

So it is important to find out what can be recycled, and to identify where you can recycle what (for those leaving in Between the Commons in London, have a list for you).

Out of carrier bags, cling film, bubble wrap, bread bags, frozen food bags, which ones do you think you cannot recycle easily? None! You can take them all back to your supermarket for recycling. Continue reading to find out more.

- Find out what you can recycle -

Find out what you can put in the council recycling bin, and what you need to take to a recycling drop off point. Bookmark these links, select and print the information on the items you often discard (for instance, the type of plastic bags you can take back to supermarkets – see image below).

Find a handy place to store the items to recycle:

  • a recycling bin for items that go in the regular council recycling collection;

  • and other smaller bins/jars for the hard-to-recycle items that you will need to take to recycling facilities.

Make sure you encourage everyone in your house to think about whether items can be reused or recycled before they're thrown away, and to put them in the right bin.

  • Remember: check if you can “reuse” it before recycling it: reuse it yourself or donate it (take them to charity shops, advertise your items on websites such as Freecycle and Gumtree, or contact Emmaus for furniture).

Plastic bags: did you know you can take them back to most supermarkets today?

Not just the carrier bags, but also the bread bags, frozen food bags, bubble wrap and magazine wrappers – Check out the list opposite.

- Identify recycling facilities in Wandsworth -

Here’s a list of recycling facilities for Between the Commons in London. For other areas in the UK, use the RecycleNow recycling locator.

When you use these recycling facilities, let them know how useful they are (positive reinforcement works!).

Facilities that are taking everything

You can bring everything, from electricals to foil, your food and garden waste, glasses, used cooking oil, textiles, etc.

Keep a jar for cooked oil under your sink, and a big box somewhere in the house (or in the back of your car if you have one) to accumulate items, and take them to Smugglers’ Way when you can.

If you are ready to pay to avoid the hassle of going to the collecting points, you can order your own zero waste box from Terracycle. You will be able to just drop things in, and they pick it up when it is full.

Can you share one with friends? Or advocate for your office/school to install one?

You can also recycle specific items in other places, that might be easier to integrate into your daily routine.

Bags - Plastic carrier bags, bread bags, salad bags.

You can actually bring most of the thin bags. Check this link. Clean/cleaned bags!

  • Waitrose

  • Asda

  • Coop


  • Coop on Northcote

  • All libraries

  • Rymans

  • Asda


  • Charity shops on Northcote. If they can't be reused, put them aside, in a specific bag, with a tag.

  • Dedicated large bins in Asda parking

​Electrical items

  • Smugglers’ Way is likely to be the closest center to you

  • You can find others here on Recycle Now.


Don’t throw your meds, or inhalers in the bin, down the sink or toilet! Return out of date or unfinished medicines to your pharmacy for safe disposal. They are supposed to take them.


  • Rymans on Northcote road has a dedicated bin.

  • Check out other places on Recycle Now


Running shoes

Runners Need on

Northcote Road

This page is a blog post, so add comments to share ideas and addresses and tell us how easy it was to use the proposed options.

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