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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Have you already thrown vegetables or fruits because they were too soft? too ripe? Did you refuse to buy fruits and vegs because they were oddly shaped? No more!

Don’t give up on wilted veggies

Fill your sink or a large container with ice water and soak wilted veggies for 5–10 minutes. A quick soak is often enough to revive droopy veggies. Lettuce will crunch, bendy carrots will straighten up and sagging broccoli will find strength. If an ice bath doesn’t do the trick, wilted veggies can still shine in a stir fry or other cooked dishes!

Use overripe fruits and veggies

  • Overripe fruits? Cook them in cakes or jams

  • Old veggies? Make a soup

  • Out of love vegs? Hide difficult vegs in gratins

  • Try all our save-them-all recipes. The Rescue it Risotto, the Use it Smoothie, the Waste it not Gratin, and more.

  • More leftover food recipes on Love Food Hate Waste.

Old bread

Purchase odd-shaped fruits and vegetables

Large quantities of food are wasted due to quality standards that over-emphasize appearance. Look out for them and save them from the bin. They taste the same.

You can also save food going to waste from shops, using the Olio or the Too Good To Go apps, that will put you in touch with shops and people who have food to save.

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