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Dish brush, sponge, scourer

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We should change our sponge, scourer, brushes regularly, for hygiene reasons. More info on why we need to avoid traditional sponges here.

But that generates more waste. Fortunately, sustainable alternatives exist, that can be washed several times and composted at the end of their lives.

Dish brush

Use natural fibres brush, with a replaceable head. They are available from the Source on Battersea Rise, or online in various shops and shapes.


Use one made of recycled material (Ecoforce recycled scourer -heavy duty or non scratch),or a coconut based one (available from the Source and from the Good Club)


  • Compostable cloths, to clean worktops, and some lightly stained dishes – refer to the cloths section. Available online, from any shop listed below or add some to your toilet paper order from Whogivesacrap.

  • Microfibre options, such E-cloth: washing up pad, “kitchen whizz”.

  • Natural fibre dish brush instead or to complement cloths for dirtier jobs.

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