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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

If your waste audit led you to realise that part of your meals often ends up in the bin, find solutions to always eat what you buy:

· buy and cook just what you need

· keep and use leftovers.

Buy and cook just what you need

  • Calculate the right portion. Use this tool for guidance on how much you need per person

  • Serve smaller portions: go back for seconds if needed, so that no food remains on plate by the end of the meal.

Keep and use leftovers

Keep them, and dedicate turn a day in the week into the leftover meal (Wednesday night? Sunday night?). It can be a sort of a buffet, with different options (because you only have small portions of each leftover!), like if you were at a restaurant!

  • Buddha bowls are a great way to turn left over into a hectic but tasty meal.

  • You can also use them as a building block for other meals. Leftover curries and salads make tasty sandwiches. Just pour the curry in fresh bread. Put the salad in a pita, with houmous for instance. Check our Save Them All recipes at the bottom of the Food section, for ideas on how to use up food.

Otherwise, freeze leftovers and eat them later.

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