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Apple Vinegar

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

To save the apple scraps

  • 500 gr apple peel and cores (from about 1kg apples)

  • 200gr caster sugar

  1. Leave the apple scraps to turn slightly brown in a bowl for a day

  2. Place in a wide mouth jar and cover with water, leaving10 cm from the top

  3. Add the sugar, cover with a muslin and store in a warm, dark place

  4. After a few days, the contents should have started to thicken, and a pale broth will have formed on the top

  5. Leave to ferment for a few weeks, at which point you start tasting, bearing in mind that the favour will get sharper the longer you leave it.

  6. When to your taste, strain the vinegar intro sterilised bottles, it will keep for around 3 months

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